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Every child has the right to dream. Yet, there are many different barriers that keep them from realising it: poverty, inequality, discrimination, malnutrition, as well as lack of access to quality education and health. At UNICEF, we want to team up with you to do more for our children.

Every candle symbolises a child’s dream. This National Children’s Day, we invite you to light a dream with your donation to help us keep children’s dreams bright and alive!

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Bring the light to children who are in the dark.



More than 1 in 10 children have less than three meals a day.



1 in 5 children in Malaysia is stunted,
whereas 1 in 10 is underweight.

Lack of opportunities

Lack of

Too many children in Malaysia still live in poverty or are stateless. Putting them at an unresting disadvantage.

Lack of access to education

Lack of access
to quality education

51% of children aged 5-6 are not attending preschool. 2% of those aged 7-17 are not in school.

Lack of access to healthcare

Lack of access
to healthcare

Most of the unvaccinated children live in remote rural locations.

These are the barriers that keep them away from reaching their potential. Light a candle. Light a child’s dream. Team up with UNICEF to keep children’s dreams lit!

How to help

Your donation is all it takes to protect a child’s dream. You can provide children with the necessary means to make their dreams come true.

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