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Happy Mother’s
Month of MAY!

We cannot change the lives
of children alone!
We need YOU!​

For Every Mother, Joy

A mother’s love is unconditional and endless. When a woman steps into motherhood her life certainly changes forever. She beams with happiness just knowing the undeniable connection with her child that will only grow deeper with time. Mothers will stop at nothing to protect their children and to make sure they receive the loving care they need to grow up safe and strong. To all mothers, thank you for your never-ending love and support.

Express love to your mother and give her an extra special Mother’s Day this year by picking out a UNICEF e-greeting card for her and at the same time sending a gift to a child in need – many more mothers and babies will smile because of your filial love.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Globally, 1 in 3 children suffer from malnutrition

Globally, 1 in 3 children suffer from malnutrition

Globally, 1 in 3 children suffer from malnutrition.

3 million children won’t celebrate 5th birthday due to malnutrition

3 million children won’t celebrate 5th birthday due to malnutrition

3 million children won’t celebrate 5th birthday due to malnutrition.

For some mothers who live in countries with poor water and sanitation conditions, high disease prevalence, rising food costs and poverty, their children’s lives are in danger because of malnutrition.

UNICEF is constantly working with local authorities, hospitals and communities to combat malnutrition. We are committed to improve access to high-impact health and nutrition interventions for mothers and children, delivering nutrition supplies to support the growth and development of healthy children. And we need your support to achieve this. Help us feed malnourished children and give them a chance to survive.

For Every Child, Hope

With your support, baby Plearith is thriving!

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Baby Plearith is on his mother’s lap in a ward at National Pediatric Hospital in Cambodia

During this assailing period of COVID-19, Mao Sukunthea, a Cambodian mother was deeply concerned about her six-month old baby – he was having trouble breathing and wasn’t growing normally. She took him to the local hospital, but it did not have sufficient equipment to diagnose his situation. Fearing the worst, she travelled 8 hours in a crowded bus to the National Pediatric Hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city, cradling her son Plearith in her arms.

Upon reaching the hospital, Plearith was brought to emergency care immediately where he had to undergo X-Rays and other tests before being diagnosed with chronic malnutrition. Mrs. Mao was relieved her son could get help there.

Baby Plearith has now been prescribed antibiotics to deal with his malnutrition-related bronchitis and is receiving specially-formulated food to help him gain strength. “He’s still not very well, but he’s getting better bit by bit,” says his mother, rocking him gently as he dozes. “He has more energy and wants to play sometimes, and that makes me happy.

On The Frontline Against Malnutrition

The National Pediatric Hospital’s Malnutrition department has been closely working with UNICEF for the past 18 years. UNICEF has long supported the hospital through case workers, training, and transport support for disadvantaged families.

A Doctor and case worker serving in the National Pediatric Hospital’s Malnutrition department share their views.

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Doctor Un Vuthy | National Pediatric Hospital

Doctor Un Vuthy

Trained by the World Health Organization, Doctor Un Vuthy has been on the frontline of Cambodia’s battle against malnutrition, “Back then, there was so much malnutrition in Cambodia, people didn’t have enough food or know how to prepare it hygienically. Now I think there is better knowledge among the population and we can do more to support them. There are fewer deaths now and it feels like a problem we can solve at last.”

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Nurse Chuon Monny | National Pediatric Hospital

Nurse Chuon Monny

“I first came here in 2005. I remember that at least three or four children would die a month through malnutrition. Now the situation is better because we have more resources to take care of families and follow up with them. We provide the best quality care, and when we do a good job and help a sick child that gives me a happy heart.”

This Mother’s Day help us save more children.

Every Child Has The Right To Nutrition

Like Plearith, there are millions of children who suffer from severe acute malnutrition in Cambodia and around the world. The need for diets, services and practices that protect, promote and support good nutrition has never been greater.

With your generosity, these children will get to survive, overcome malnutrition and thrive. This Mother’s Day help us save more children.

Pick up a Mother’s Day e-greeting card for your mother to express your love. At the same time, you are sending a gift to a child in need to help ease another mother’s worries.

No mother should worry about her child suffering or dying.

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Sitting on her mother’s lap a baby girl is looking at the camera while receiving a consultation for acute malnutrition and collects therapeutic milk at the National Pediatric Hospital in Cambodia.
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