Help us to #EndMalnutrition

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We cannot change the lives
of children alone!
We need YOU!​

Help save a child in Yemen from malnutrition.

Every minute counts for malnourished children to SURVIVE. You can help SAVE THEM by providing urgent treatment and care.

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After nearly seven years of conflict, Yemen remains the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. With COVID-19 continuing to spread, the country faces an emergency inside an emergency. Nearly 21 million people—70% of the total population—are in need of humanitarian assistance, over half of whom are children.

Food insecurity and malnutrition remain the main drivers of need:

  • Over 2 million children under five are acutely malnourished
  • Nearly 400,000 of them suffering from severe acute malnutrition
  • About 47,000 people are facing famine-like conditions


Gosson was suffering intensely. More than any child should suffer.

The day when Gosson was admitted to the UNICEF-supported AI Sadaqa Hospital in Aden, Yemen. She was just 18-months old, weighed five kilograms and was very ill after enduring five days of fever, a chest infection and diarrhea.


Gosson is now on the path of recovery.

Fortunately, UNICEF with your support was able to provide Gosson with the urgent treatment she needed, including therapeutic food and medical care. Gosson is recovering and now her treatment continues at home, with her family.

Story from the field

Good nutrition is the bedrock of child survival and development.

Malnutrition is a deadly threat to children’s survival – it makes them more susceptible to illness and disease, with life-long consequences!
UNICEF estimates a child dies every ten minutes from preventable causes, including malnutrition and vaccine-preventable diseases.

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UNICEF is the world’s largest provider of emergency food – the Plumpy’Nut also known as ready-to-use-therapeutic food (RUTF). It’s a peanut paste, full of vitamins and nutrients, that can help a child suffering from malnutrition to regain strength in six to eight weeks.

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Help malnourished children to survive

UNICEF needs your support now.

UNICEF is supporting the treatment of acute malnutrition in more than 4,000 health care facilities and 100 therapeutic feeding centers in Yemen.

In 2022, we requires over RM2 billion (US$484.4 million) to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, including a target of treating 366,358 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

Please donate today to save more children from deadly malnutrition.

You Can Make a
Difference Right Now

Millions of malnourished children in Yemen need your urgent attention. Together, we can help to #EndMalnutrition.

With your generous donation, UNICEF can protect children from the harsh winter.

Winter clothing

Winter clothing

include jackets, trousers, gloves, hats,shoes, socks, scarves and thermal blankets.

Thermal blankets

Thermal blankets

can keep children snug and warm.

Cash assistance and vouchers

Cash assistance and vouchers

to address the most urgent needs of families and children in emergency.

New born baby kits

New born baby kits

contain a thick towel use as a receiving blanket to keep babies warm upon delivery.

Globally, 72 per cent of school children unable to access remote learning live in their countries’ poorest households.

More than 1.6 billion children and youth worldwide have been affected by school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A study done during the MCO involving almost 1 million children in Malaysia found that about one-third do not own any digital devices and are unable to study remotely.

An additional 1.2 million children could die in six months, due to disruption in basic health interventions.

Winter clothing kits include jackets, trousers, gloves, hats, shoes, socks, scarves and thermal blankets. UNICEF will also provide families most at risk with cash assistance and vouchers to address the most urgent needs for their children. The newborn baby kits contain a thick towel use as a receiving blanket to keep babies warm upon delivery.

Please continue to support UNICEF to reach more children, together.